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INFRAWAVE Oven Grilling

INFRAWAVE Oven Grilling

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      Black & Decker Infrawave Oven...The InfraWave Speed Oven is a state-of-the-art appliance that is designed to give you chef-quality results at home. This revolutionary technology from Black and Decker is the very same infrared technology used in fine restaurants and Steakhouses! You will save time, because it cooks up to 50% faster than a conventional oven. Unlike conventional or convection ovens, the InfraWave Speed Oven utilizes infrared light technology to cook the inside and outside of foods at the same time. The result is perfectly prepared food that is juicy and flavorful, as well as brown and crispy. While conventional ovens use conduction to cook, convention ovens circulate air to speed up cooking, and microwave ovens heat up the water molecules in food, the InfraWave Oven uses infrared light to cook deeper than a regular oven ensuring that food is thoroughly cooked and remains juicy. Even while searing and browning, flavor remains inside food for chef-quality results. In addition, the InfraWave Speed Oven makes thawing a thing in the past! Its superior performance works exceptionally well on cooking frozen foods. It allows you to prepare meats, poultry or fish, straight from your freezer to your fork in less than youd imagine! It will change the way you cook forever. And it comes guaranteed from the most trusted name in kitchen countertop appliances Black & Decker.


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